Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Heidi Taillefer Silkworm Print Release Details

Heidi Taillefer is the artist if you like horses or know someone that does. She has created some magnificent prints with horses as the center piece. Her new print Silkworm continues with the beautiful execution of the horse in art. 1xRUN will be releasing this print today.

"This piece was created after a trip to Bali which influenced it’s style. It was part of a series on horses I produced, which were initially slated to be shown in the middle east. This piece represents the first piece where I used an Indonesian shadow puppet design in the background as a familiar motif in my work. I wanted to create a piece about beauty emanating from the soul, and to create a visually striking piece as well. This piece is one of the more beautiful works I have produced and I feel it's beauty is also from within." - Heidi Taillefer

On sale Tuesday at NOON EDT at

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