Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sarah Joncas Shadow Boxer Print Release

Sarah Joncas returns to 1xRUN on Tuesday with slightly disturbing yet intriguing print titled Shadow Boxer.

"I had a reference image I took of myself many years ago. I had lost my sketchbook that day and had nothing to paint on, so I started using myself as a model in some kitschy noir-like photo shoot. I always liked the photo and wanted to paint it up, but it wasn't until this show came around that I found a proper place for the image.

Though I'm not at all as dramatic, violent, or angry as the painting displays (quite the opposite), it was a lot of fun to role play that kind of revengeful character! I've always said painting is kind of my quiet/shy way of acting... I like to paint narratives and covey them in a way that touches emotions and stirs up thought, kind of like a film might." - Sarah Joncas

On Tuesday at NOON EDT at

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