Tuesday, March 17, 2015

N.C. Winters Tempest Print Release Details

N.C. Winters has a new release from 1xRUN on Tuesday and it's titled Tempest. It will come in you choice of two sizes 22 x 30 or 13 x 18 inches. Along with the prints they will have 7 original paintings for sale.

"I have made a few paintings that incorporate a series of narratives that revolve around my relationship to my son as a father and this is the next major piece in that ongoing series. I imagine this series may last for several decades as I explore what it means to be a dad and watch my son grow and evolve and create his own world. Interestingly, the previous piece and origin of this series was with a previous 1xRUN release: “Overdrive.”

“Tempest” has several layers of meaning that correspond with various states of the mind and the aforementioned experience of being a father. To dispel the immediate question, no, it does not refer to a troublesome, tempestuous child, but more to the overwhelming complexity that comes from raising a new life and what that means for your own existence, not to mention the whirlwind of life that he must be experiencing concurrently. I leave the viewer to extrapolate other personal meanings from that jumping off point." - N.C. Winters
On sale Tuesday at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

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