Monday, March 23, 2015

Soey Milk Hymenopus Coronatus Print Release Details

Soey Milk is a Los Angeles based artist and on Monday she will be releasing her first print with 1xRUN. Fascinated by human emotions and beauty of self realization, her work reveals the delicacy of growth and turbulence.

"Hymenopus Coronatus is a binomial name for orchid mantises. A beautiful creature that hides among flowers. She sits quietly hidden behind the alluring orchids, patiently waiting for the perfect moment. She is venomless but determined. She is gracefully strong, quiet yet spirited. Self-willed." - Soey Milk

Hymenopus Coronatus will be released in two editions, a regular RUN of 65 and then an edition of 15 that will be hand embellished.

On sale Monday at NOON EDT at

Also be sure to check out the 1xRUN Sticker Pack HERE. This sticker pack come with 9 classic 1xRUN logo remixes by Askew, Cryptik, Doze Green, Mike Giant, Naturel, Rime, Persue and Zes.

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