Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hua Tunan Life On Dusk Print Release Details

Hua Tunan's second print release is imminent! Here's a look at "Life On Dusk," soon to be a premium giclee hand embellished by the artist. This print will measure approximately 24" x 24" in an edition of 45. No pre-sales or holds - you've got to wait till the drop to grab your own! Releasing Monday, March 16th via Galerie F's shopify site between 1-2pm CST.

This is 2nd print release in the series of 3 leading up to Hua Tunan's first ever gallery show, at Galerie F. On top of the 3 prints, there will be 18-20 original pieces and an custom installation by Hua of the gallery itself.

The owl itself is a barn owl. Very illusive and beautiful. Most importantly, like in all of Hua's work, you feel the energy and presence of his subject. It's almost as if it's getting ready to fly away.

Life On Dusk Giclee
24 X 24 inches
Signed & Numbered edition of 45 Hand Embellished (each print will be unique)

Following two web-exclusive print releases this spring, they are excited to announce Hua Tunan's first ever exhibition, 大地之灵 :: EARTH SPIRIT, to be hosted by Galerie F. This all new body of work will be based on different animal forms in nature. The artist will be traveling across the globe to join us for this momentous event - over a dozen new original works and paintings and an in-store only print release is making this exhibition the talk of the art world. While here, Hua Tunan will create murals around the city and transform the gallery space for his show. They're already receiving RSVP's from fans around the world who are flying in to see this themselves.

Here's a link to more information:

See more of Hua's work on his Instagram account

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