Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Matt Leunig Website Sale & New Sponsor

Matt Leunig of Scrapped Knee has new & improved website. It got a major overhaul…fat was trimmed and an overall face life happened. A little botox here,.. some prodding there. It took a while and with the help of awesome webmaster Owen Grace the site looks great and is easier to use. There is a sweet new search engine to find that poster you want and a brand new store.

That being said to celebrate this new site/store Matt is having an “Uber, Shut-the-Door, Your Father called, Time to Take it Home SALE!!!!!!” which will last for 5 days starting MARCH 11th (WEDS.). & ends on MARCH 15th (SUN). All items in the store will be 15% off. Use the code NEWSITE and do some shopping. So go big while they last….

I also want to take this opportunity to welcome Matt & Scrapped Knee as the newest sponsor on Inside the Rock Poster. I have been a fan of Matt's work for many years and was stoked to hear he wanted to jump on board in a large way.

So head over to use the code get some sweet posters and join his email list.

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