Monday, March 30, 2015

Kukula Dreams Of Summer Print Release

Kukula returns to 1xRUN on Monday with the release of her newest print, Dreams Of Summer. A rather appropriate print since it seems this is the winter that just wont end.

Kukula’s paintings center on feminine, doll-like figures, often surrounded by objects with sometimes clear, sometimes obscure symbolic meaning. The work registers the influences of both classical European art forms and contemporary pop culture. In her figures’ poses Kukula recalls traditional portraiture, yet the style is manifestly modern and pop-influenced. Kukula’s compositions thereby disclose her personal struggles as mediated by a rich multi-cultural heritage.

"I originally drew this painting in 2011 but didn’t get the time to paint it. I was working on a few pieces for Dorothy Circus Summer show and thought it was finally time to finish this one. I had to change a few details as my styled changed a little since I originally drew it. For this painting I tried to keep the background a little raw, so it will have some more ambiance to it." - Kukula

On sale Tuesday at NOON EDT at

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