Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jason Craig Haints & Saints Print & Solo Art Show

Jason Craig has been working to create a brand new art print to accompany his art show, Haints & Saints in April.

The print is based on two of the paintings and is titled, the Giver and the Taker. 3 color screen print on 12 x18 bright white Cougar stock with an edition of 50.

Jason has not done a solo art show in 7 years, so he thought it would be good to have an art print to accompany the body of work he is showing.

 I asked Jason about the print and the theme of his art show:
The South is rich with traditions and superstition. One such tradition is to paint the roof of your porch a pale blue color. This is in an effort to ward off the evil spirits that could bring bad luck to the house. Of course, my porch is painted blue.

In my upcoming show, titled Haints & Saints, I explore the complex personas that are within all of us using the narrative of the Haint and the Saint. The Haint being the negative attributes that we all try to overcome every day and the Saint being the parts of us that we try and exemplify. The seven pieces painted and cut out of wood start with the title piece of the Haint & the Saint, the winless struggle between good and evil. Three works compliment the center piece to the left and the right. The Optimist and the Pessimist. The Giver and the Taker. The Guardian and the Coward.
Each altar piece contains elements of nature, an animal, a token and the haint or saint them self.

The print for the show, the Giver & the Taker, depicts a geisha and a samurai at peace and in conflict. The Giver shows the loving nature of a parent that provides life, love and comfort. The taker depicts the struggle to survive. He consumes, sometimes to help the giver provide a necessary evil. Without him, there would be no balance. He is flanked in bamboo, an invasive plant that will take over if not kept in check. The Giver holds a resting Tiger and a lotus flower which represents pacification and is considered as the womb of the world. All the pieces in the show provide a balance. Hence, the scale on the print. Balance in conflict.
Details about the show
Haints & Saints Art Show & Print Release Party
April 3, 2015
See more of Jason's work and buy the print at

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