Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Arsenal Handicraft Grandpa's Lures & Grandpa's Bobbers Prints

Spring is trying real hard to break us free from the grips of another crazy winter and in no time people will out there fishing. Arsenal Handicraft figured this was a good time to release two prints called "Grandpa's Lures" and "Grandpa's Bobbers".  Perfect to add a little something special to that cabin.

Dennis of Arsenal Handicraft was inspired by the contents of his Grandfather's tackle box, who sadly passed away before Dennis was born. He sorted, photographed, and then illustrated each lure for these prints. Dennis fell in love with how some of them were hand made by him and how they show wear from years of use.

Each print measures 11" x 14", is a four color hand pulled screen print, and is available for $25.00 each or $45.00 for the set.

On sale now at ArsenalHandicraft.com

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