Monday, March 16, 2015

Rotting Graphics Despair & Dying Light Prints

Sometime in the past week Skinner mentioned an artist I had not heard of before and had to check it out. The artist is Rotting Graphics, aka Hal Rotter. I'm not sure if that's his real name your not but the guy does some killer work. Rotting Graphics is a California based art//design studio working primarily within the underground Metal//Punk scene for over the past decade. He has also done work for some big time corporate clients as well.

He just released a print titled Despair and it's hand embellished.  The print is a  6" x 12" Hand pulled screen print using "Marbled Grey" acrylic ink on 100lb Blacktop paper. Each print is embellished by hand with a "halo" around their head and tears painted with Gold Acrylic ink. Limited Edition of 20 Numbered & signed.

The other one that caught by eye was Dying Light. This print comes with Grey Ink or White Ink on two different kinds of paper. It is a 12" x 18" Hand pulled acrylic screen print on 100lb Blacktop paper or Steel Grey. Limited Edition of 25 Numbered & signed.

Buy these prints and several others and see the rest of his work at

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