Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Andy Warhol Family Film- Uncle Andy Kickstarter Project

“Uncle Andy” is a documentary film about the iconic artist Andy Warhol that is unlike anything that has ever been seen before. Filmmakers, Abby Warhola (Andy’s great niece) and Jesse Best capture a rare portrait of Warhol by members of his very modest family - the Warholas. It is sure to rock the art world with an intimate side of Warhol, far removed from the counter culture scene of the infamous ‘Silver Factory.‘ The late Paul Warhola, Andy’s eccentric oldest brother, a chicken farmer turned artist is the highlight of this film project along with his many nephews and nieces. Their personal stories of Andy will surprise many who thought they may have already known Warhol. With a family like this it is no wonder that Warhol became the most influential artist of modern time. A one of a kind documentary about world famous pop artist Andy Warhol, told by his immediate family, the Warholas.

Head over to the Kickstarter Page to learn more and check out the levels of rewards.

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