Friday, March 20, 2015

Joshua Marc Levy Dean Ween Group Atlanta Poster World Premiere Exclusive

Show Edition

Artist Edition

Ok Dean Ween Group fans here is tonight's poster by Joshua Marc Levy for show in Atlanta at Terminal West. As I revealed yesterday the posters are a benefit for Dean Ween aka Mickey Melchiondo's studio project, which he is currently building. There will be a show edition of the poster and an Artist Edition of each poster. Check back here for the exclusive reveal of each nights poster.

Joshua on the design for tonight's poster:
ATLANTA: “Cover It With Gas and Set It On Fire”
After I got the email to start Atlanta, I went upstairs to eat some breakfast. While eating eggs, I wondered what Daisey Duck’s breasts looked like. Did she have nice feathery boobies? Was she flat? I couldn’t remember back from childhood. I went bowling. When I got back from bowling, I got high and drew this poster. Now that I look at it, the duck boobies look like two eggs over easy. The majority of the typography is hand-drawn. Atlanta was hand-drawn directly into Illustrator through a Wacom tablet.

50% of the proceeds from sales of this series of posters, both at the shows and online, will go towards Dean Ween’s studio project. 50 copies of each 19x25” poster will be available at the shows for purchase. 10-20 variants for each of the 3 shows will go on sale Tuesday March 24 around Noon at etsy store.  The posters are printed on 140lb black French brand paper with metallic silver. Any leftover show edition posters will be for sale as well. Joshua said the show edition posters sold out in Charlotte last night and I would bet they sell out tonight in Atlanta.

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