Monday, March 30, 2015

Rhys Cooper x PangeaSeed March Print The Little Mermaid Release

Tales from the Deep: Stories, Myths & Monsters fine art print suite from PangeaSeed to help save our seas continues this month with Rhys Cooper.

Rhys has created a stunning print titled The Little Mermaid. There is the regular edition of 200 and the 'Ocean's Treasure' variant of 100. Both are 12x36, 6 color screen prints with great metallics. All prints will be signed and numbered by Rhys.

Artist statement
In selecting the Mermaid as my theme I wanted to create a creature that was more in tune with her surroundings and environment than a mere human/fish, to the point where she is total organic, natural and almost hidden.
Wanting to play up her allure like the sailor tales of mermaids and sirens of old I wanted the piece to drawn you in, through her beauty and eyes but also have an element that the Mermaid, like the sea can be dangerous and unpredictable.

Originally being a princess I also liked the idea of her now being Queen of the Ocean with her father's trident surrounded by a living crown of anemones, fish, sea fan and coral.
Totally at one in harmony but also Ruler and guardian of her environment, a warning to those who threaten to harm it's beauty or inhabitants.
For this release Rhys Cooper will be selling all of them in order for them to all be signed & numbered by him. Just like all the other releases from PangeaSeed proceeds go to help Pangeaseed's education on the dangers facing the world's ocean's and marine life.

Available Tuesday morning 31st March Australian time and US EDT midday Monday March 30

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