Friday, March 27, 2015

Godmachine The Headless Saints Prints

One of Godmachine’s more recent projects is a private commission from Rich of Minor Victory Inc., an enthusiast for the illustrative works of artists such as Godmachine, Joshua Belanger, Dan Mumford, Scott Move and many others. With many classic paintings but few ‘modern’ interpretations of the headless Saints myth, Godmachine was the artist who took on the project to bring the Saints back to life, or death. The brief was loose and simply for three pieces, although Rich’s preference was for ‘classic Godmachine’.

The triptych comprises center-piece ‘Old Man’, flanked by ‘Woman’ and finally an incredible interpretation of a classic image of St Denis at Pantheon. In Godmachine’s own words ‘‘My copy/take/godmachinification of the beautiful and famous painting of St Denis. Really enjoyed drawing those steps.’’ Aficionados of headless saints might be interested where Godmachine chose to place the halo, something debated for centuries in the church.

Although originating as a private commission, Rich has decided to make a limited print run available at Minor Victory Inc. Never setting out to be another online gallery, Rich’s ethos is to only release pieces that come from his own, original ideas with sales pump-priming the costs of further commissions and printing.

Printed on high-quality screen prints on bright-white 300 gsm paper by Tommy at Prints of Thieves. Each individual print in the series is sized at 594 x 420 mm on a paper size of 640 x 450 mm, allowing a reasonable margin for framing. Limited edition of only 30 of each piece, numbered and with embedded artist signature, stamped on rear. The full set of three prints is available now for pre-order for collectors ahead of a later release of each illustration individually.

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