Monday, March 2, 2015

Sebastian Bentler Deception is Over Print

Deception is Over is the new print by Sebastian Bentler. The print depicts a famous photography of John Lennon and Yoko Ono regarding Vietnam War with a few 'subtle' changes.

Screenprint on stenciled and spraypainted backgrounds, varying colors + UV/Matte finish on 300gsm Arches hand-torn cotton rag paper with deckled edges.

Size: 58x67cm (23x26″)

Each print is hand finished, varied edition of 10 (colors are varied).

Signed, stamped & numbered..

- Horrible lies of media propagated reasons for wars in the world.
- Extreme and non-official change of the nature of 'wars' since WW1.
- Deception on various levels of human history & the propagated paradigm.
- Stars/entertainment of any form to keep people 'running' and their conditioning to do what they are being told.
- A psychic epidemic called 'Wetiko' by Native Americans in a wider sense.

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