Wednesday, March 4, 2015

David Lyle All Aboard Print Release Details

On Wednesday 1xRUN will bring you the work of anther new artist David Lyle and his All Aboard print release. David Lyle is a New York based artist who was born in Okinawa, Japan. He earned a B.A. in studio painting from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He explains his work by saying, “My paintings are inspired from found photographs or ‘discarded memories.’ I feel that to find a lost photo and paint it, allows the photo and the memory to have a second life. Although I don’t know the people in the paintings, I can relate to certain memories and certain times in my own life. By using black and sepia tones, the paintings take on a nostalgic or cinematic mood and I generally try to keep a voyeuristic feel to them, as if the subject is unaware that they are being watched. I like to keep my paintings realistic yet hazy, just like memories can be.”

All Aboard is an 18 x 14 archival pigment print with a signed & numbered edition of 50.

"This painting is part of my current show titled 'Everyone's a critic." This series presents a caustic commentary on the art world and what mystifies the public about the art world – art that is not made by the artists’ themselves, money as an end game, art-speak, etc.

The idea behind this piece is basically about the acceptance and commercialization of graffiti. Where in the past, graffiti was looked at as an illegal eyesore to the public and now it is adorned and used in the main steam media, sold as fine art and used for commercial purposes." - David Lyle

On Sale at NOON EST Wednesday at

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