Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jay Ryan Polar Bike, Go North & South Prints

On Saturday February 28, Jay Ryan had his seventeenth Workshop at the Bird Machine, featuring ten guests who came in to learn how they go about making a print. Over six hours (and after some before-class set-up by the TBM team), they made an edition of 100 pieces of POLAR BIKE, above, using four screens and a load of donuts and pizza.

Jay Rayn finally got some time to make these eight by ten inch prints based on the murals The Bird Machine painted at the Onion's AV CLUB headquarters back in January. These 8x10" prints consist of three screens and are extraordinarily well-behaved, considering the tusks. There is a walrus buddy to accompany the mammoth of the Go North print.

These prints are available now in the store at!

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