Monday, March 9, 2015

Frank Zio Flowernators Stencil Prints

It's been a long time since I heard from Frank Zio but he has returned to the US from Serbia. Frank was there for a year, and though he was in Eastern Europe for sports-related reasons, he never stopped producing illustrations and graphics. His first large-scale project has been in the works since early December.

The overarching title of the 3 piece set is "Flowernators," with the individual title breakdown as follows: "Sun-Dragon," "Hummingbird-of-Paradise," and "Honey-Rose." Each of these flowers are the product of layering eleven 100% hand drawn and handcut stencils (except for Honey-Rose, which is ten, and the only one to overtly use the natural color of the birch in the composition). Each stencil is rendered in vibrantly colored Rustoleum® spray-paint including at least 4 metallic colors, all on beautiful birch panel. The pollinators, which have been included as separate 3-color layers on each, are done exclusively in bold metallic colors. The exterior dimensions of each piece are 15x30x1.25". In addition, each painting has been treated with a layer of clear varnish that is designed to protect the colors from the ravages of the sun, so fear not, and hang these in a bright room.

In addition to the handmade nature of the paintings, the frames are custom-built as well, made by Frank from hardwood poplar, constructed with love, sanded to fresh-jar-of-Skippy® smoothness, stained with a deep ebony, and then buffed to a svelte shine. These frames are then installed onto the painting, setting the painting back into the frame and really emphasizing the 3D color interaction as well as lending a super-clean presentation. Ready to hang! No additional framing necessary!

These pieces are on sale at his website as sets, of which there are FIVE available. There will be five more sets coming soon, making the total edition out of ten. Each painting will be labeled for authenticity on the back, and signed and numbered. The sets will go for $500 each plus $50 for shipping to anywhere in the continental US of A. If you can pickup in Irvine, use the code "LOCAL" on checkout to forgo the shipping.

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